Swarovski Crystal jewelry at KarenCurtis.com

Just introducing KarenCurtis.com to the blogging scene.  Our company is small…. consisting of a husband and wife team, myself (Aaron Niemczyk) and of course Karen Curtis.  I thought it would be fun to let the world?/anyone who decides to follow us, in on the life of designing.  Karen and I work on a number of projects for our company, but what I want to focus on is what we design from day to day.  As of today all of our work in the glass blowing studio is done for the rest of the year,  with the exception of custom orders, the new line of art glass is finished! Now we are in the beginning stages of jewelry design.  We have an amazing inventory of Swarovski Crystal beads that have been begging to be put to use, so we are developing color schemes for different collections, all to be debuted at the grand central terminal’s holiday fair.  Over the next few months I am going to post photos, maybe some videos, of the process and show some of the new and interesting combinations.  It’s a process that evolves from 1 item to the next so I hope to capture it in the blog.  Everything we use will be made with Swarovski Elements, some beads dating back to pre-1940, and all the metal is either sterling silver or gold-filled.  Scattered-determination could describe the method, but I would prefer Artistically crafted.



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