“I didn’t want jewelry for Valentine’s Day” – Said NO Woman EVER!_MG_4335__09613.1389734157.1280.1280

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that jewelry has always been the “go to” gift for Valentine’s Day.  And why not… what woman doesn’t want to receive something beautiful on the day of love.  For the rest of her life every time she looks at, or puts on that particular piece of jewelry she will instantly remember when it was given to her and by whom.  That being said it is also the choice in jewelry that reflects what you think about her.  A colorful, sparkling, and unique piece of jewelry like those found in Karen Curtis’ Collections reflects a personality of fun, beauty, and energy.  Characteristics that are found in the most wonderful people in our lives.

Any collection on will make a terrific Valentines Day gift, but for a more literal present we recommend browsing both the Amore and Roaring 20’s collections.  They both incorporate different shades of red and pink crystal which will are synonymous with Valentine’s Day!  The sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the amazing colorful designs are what Karen Curtis® Jewelry is all about.

While Flowers and Candy rank up there in terms of the most gifted items of Valentines Day, Jewelry is on the top three list for sure.  One thing I can definitely say in comparison of the 3 is that jewelry doesn’t die or get used up after a week and we don’t mark up the price like florists do to the tone of 200% increase before the holiday.  The mark up on flowers seems to be 1 of the most acceptable forms of screwing over the consumer, really when you think about it February 15th must be a florists favorite day of the year.

What we have done in this post is compile a list of some of our favorite designs, at all different price points to take some of the stress out of finding a gift for Valentine’s day!

 Wishing everyone a happy and loving Valentine’s Day with memories that last a lifetime!

Enjoy the Preview!





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