Everything is coming together for the 2011 holiday fair in grand central terminal!  It is our most exciting time of the year.  The debut of all the new work that has kept us busy all year-long.  For us it is the starting line of the holidays…. bells ringing on the corners of the streets, decorations on all the street lamps, christmas lights on the trees, and the energy that comes with this time of year…. not to mention Santacon, one of our favorite days (check it out) . It is a time when we get to reunite with all of the people we have met year after year, grown to know and share in their lives and look forward to catching up on life.  This is truly the most gratifying part of our show, if it wasn’t for the amazing support that we receive from all of our following it would be difficult to be as excited as we are for the next 2 months.

This year promises to be just as exciting for our customers!  With a plethora of new designs including a brand new bridal collection, new line of sculptural art glass that we titled “spazzios” and chandeliers that are sure to stop the crowds!  All this and some beautiful collections from prior years for anyone looking to put together a new set of colors they loved.  It’s not just an opportunity to showcase our work, it’s the love we get from being part of our customers lives every holiday, and hearing about the new and exciting things that have happened to you since we last saw each other!

Booth from 2009


Well people, we are back on the bridge leading into the main concourse of Grand Central, a cozy little boutique where Aaron and I first met.  Here’s to a great holiday season with lots of memories!  See You Soon!

—–Karen and Aaron—–


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