You may have read in some of our prior posts about the discontinuation of the Crafts on Columbus Art Show due to community members and leaders on the Upper west side deeming it undesirable.

Well…. We are pleased to inform everyone that the community board re-evaluated their stance and decided to renew the contract with the art show! YEAH!!!! The decision was made to continue the show with 3 weekends in the spring but no event in the fall (originally it was 3 weekends each season). Nevertheless this is still a big accomplishment, a huge win for the art community and in our opinion a huge win for the Upper West Side.

We would like to say THANK YOU!


Thanks to everyone who read our blog and took action by signing the online petition. Many of you came to the show and helped to solidify our belief that this was as important to us as it was to you. It is amazing to watch how local politics works and in all honesty uplifting to have taken part in the protest that helped change the decision.


We are not sure if Leo signed the petition but he’s proud of you!

To all of our fans and especially to those who joined in petitioning the closing of the show you deserve a pat on the back, a cookie, a cheers-ing of glasses or whatever it is you prefer when being celebrated!


Although you will not be seeing us at anymore events until the winter, we have some great things in the works, creative new concept pieces and colorful jewelry designs that are going to make the wait worth it! Stay connected as we are also going to release beautiful work all summer long on

All our best,
Karen and Aaron






It is kind of funny how things work out.  In 2005, my 5th year in business I found myself spending months looking for the perfect colorful chandelier for my NYC apartment. I found shapes that I loved, colors that stood out to me but couldn’t find the complete package of vintage/traditional elegance mixed with a little flare, style, color and quality. It really never occurred to me that this seemingly fun task would be draining both my time and patience.  That is when I took matters into my own hands, instead of searching for the best chandelier I began looking for the best elements to a chandelier.  I acquired a few of the most amazing original antique frames from high end vintage and antique stores, pieces that had history( no reproductions) frames that had sexy curvature and quality materials like ornate brass and venetian glass.  


Now I had something to work with so I had all of the wiring redone with up to code antique looking cords, keeping with the feel of the piece.  It was time to come up with interesting color arrangements and bring to life what I had been searching for.  There is no denying that I know a lot about crystal and crystal quality, and for my personal chandelier I was not going to use anything but the best crystal available.  By using my resources at Swarovski I started to build a selection of all the colored STRASS Swarovski crystals in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  I let my imagination go wild and made some really cool chandeliers!  

As friends would come over they would comment on the lamps and chandeliers, next thing I knew they were asking me to design 1 for them, or telling a friend to contact me. I had developed my own style of chandelier…. ECO Friendly by using antique frames, super colorful, and the highest quality by using only STRASS Swarovski crystal. Next thing I know the chandelier/home interior part of my company was born!



Over the years I have gained some insight into the right size chandelier for certain areas of your home.  First off, there is no restrictions on where to hang a chandelier!  The traditional areas i.e. over the dining room table, in an entryway, top of a stairwell are great places.  In these circumstances it is best to take the length of the room in feet + the width of the room in feet and try and keep the diameter of the chandelier to the that size in Inches.  EXAMPLE BELOW:


In addition to the size of the correct chandelier it is important to hang it properly.  So over a dining room table, don’t go lower then 30″ from the top of the table…. this is a great height so that the piece is obviously the focal point of the room but will not interfere with conversations of guests at dinner.


• BATHROOM- nothing is more spa-like than having a chandelier in the bathroom, we suggest hanging it a minimum of 7 ft. off the floor and ideally place it over the bathtub for a very luxurious effect!

• CORNER OF THE ROOM-  Corners are usually forgotten, we don’t think they should be!  This can help a room feel larger by creating artwork in the ceiling corner and not to mention the amazing shadowing effect you will have on the 2 walls and ceiling.  You can hang this chandelier where ever you think it looks good, because a corner of a room never really gets any foot traffic it will not interfere with moving around the room.

 Chandeliers are an opportunity to place a floating piece of artwork in your home.  The right chandelier should reflect your personality and most of all make you happy to see it and own it.  Don’t treat a chandelier as just a light, treat it as a masterpiece for your decor!