Top 5 Best Fashion Statements from the 2014 Oscars

Got Style?

The celebrities that showed up last night to the Oscars sure do, from nude colored gowns with embroidered crystal to 1970’s plunge necklines and yes even the gents added some flare to the night with Matthew Mcconaughey in a sharp white tuxedo or Channing Tatum’s maroon jacket…. and I am finally coming around with Pharrell’s hat, I’m probably not going to buy one for my husband but Pharrell can really rock it!

Here are my top 5 looks from the red carpet


Cate Blanchett wearing Giorgio Armani 2014 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion


Jenna Dewan Tatum in Reem Acra 2014 Oscar Fashion


Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka at the Academy Awards 2014


Lady Gaga in Versace at the 2014 Oscars


Laura Derm looking beautiful at the Oscars Red Carpet 2014

Maybe it was the time periods of the most popular movies but I also felt that jewelry had a very deco look, which I am a huge fan of.  Big sparkly chandelier earrings seemed to be waving around in every girls ears, while bracelets or multiple bracelets also graced many of the attendees.  Necklaces were a bit scarce but the people who did wear a necklace went BIG and Sparkly!

I enjoy watching these award shows and always observe from a fashion and design stand point.  To which I also really loved the set design by Derek Mclane and Swarovski. This year’s Academy Awards, in my opinion takes the cake on style, fashion, glitz and glamour! There really is no need to stroke any egos of the winners of the awards because everyone in that room creates such beautiful work. I would say that Lupita Nyong’o’s win and speech was the most touching point of the evening proving that hard work, committment and passion will lead to the successes you desire!



Stackable Rings and Multiple Rings a trend to sink your fingers into!


     There are jewelry trends that are just plain classic, some that are split second fads, and then there are some that are super fun and you wonder why they ever disappeared…. “cough, cough”…. Stackable Rings!

It is so much fun and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money either.  For example on we have stackable rings for $20 and $25.  Of course there is no limit to what you can spend but for a couple hundred bucks you can have a vast assortment of rings that you can mix and match, having countless combinations for the year.

I am going to go ahead and say there are very little limitations on what you can stack together.  Mixing metals, crystal and precious stones, lucite and traditional gold or silver…. all of these are fine.  This is a great opportunity to piece together some smaller items by your favorite designers and as long as you like all the rings you are wearing, then it will look beautiful on you.

Remember that the key to stacking is to have fun with it and change it up whenever you want!

What Celebs have jumped on board with the multiple ring thing you ask? Let see who is having more fun then everyone else accessorizing with stackable rings!



OK, So when I originally wrote this article  I threw in a picture of Miley Cyrus prior to the whole VMA public image disaster but lets keep her in here and remember what she looked like without a foam finger and before twerking with robin thicke! #Hannah Montana


     If you are looking for a starting point for gathering cool rings you can always go to my website but here is a list of some of my favorite rings and links to the people in my industry that I think deserve lots of success pretty much because they rock at what they do!

1) Wendy Brandes –  Cool designs in different metals and precious stones

2) Michael Alexander – Always loved his creations. We have exhibited together at various shows and he definitely is a uniquist!!portfolio/vstc30=rings

3) David Yurman – Classic designs but great use of precious stones with elegant metal smithing

Stack On!

Can I Wear White on Labor Day?



As the end of summer is fast approaching it is pretty obvious that we are all trying to fill the weekends with some fun,sun and outdoor activities!  Which got me thinking about what to do for Labor Day….. the unofficial End of Summer (BOOOOOO!).  Take making plans for Labor day and mix it with my brain (that immediately thinks about fashion) and here is the question- Can I wear white on Labor Day?  So I spent some time researching why has this “Rule” of not wearing white after labor always made it into conversations and to be quite honest is one of the first things that come to mind when someone mentions Labor Day?

What is Labor Day

Held on the first Monday of September, this public holiday was created to honor the workers/laborers of our country.

A great gift to the working class, take the day off spend it with family and friends and enjoy some end of summer weather and fun…. thanks federal government!

So who came up with the rule of not wearing white after labor day?

After reading many theories I want to give credit to article written by John Surico in the village voice which I really enjoyed and thought gave me the best sense of an answer to this bizarre Labor Day fashion don’t!

There seem to be 2 possible explanations and I will let you have your pick about which is the real answer.

1) White clothing is better in the Heat.

This is a concept that is proven to be true.  Light colored clothing doesn’t retain heat as much as darker colors.  So now that the dog days of summer are behind us it is time to put away our white clothing and accessories and start wearing some of the outfits that would be too uncomfortable in the summer.  Get back into the darker and heavier clothes put away the white linen (breathable) outfits, I guess that’s just an easier fashion transition for people to go through?

2) It was the way of the wealthy


Here is a classic example of trend setting! Beginning in the late 1800’s a shift was occurring in the social economic status of our country.  The middle class was growing and additionally more people from this class were making their way into more affluent communities, events, and gatherings.  Apparently a select group of rich women decided to come up with this concept as to easily distinguish themselves (the established 1%er’s) from new comers to their high society.  So anyone who showed up to an event after labor day wearing white was alienated from the pack, as they were not as “good” because they had obviously just come into money and were not as refined and sophisticated as the rest of the women. I guess word got out and all of a sudden everyone knew that if they wanted a chance at fitting in then they shouldn’t wear white after labor day. Well, a tip of the hat to those women for being very effective trend setters but I am sure they must have been pretty pissed off when no one wore white anymore (giggle, giggle). I mean could you imagine mingling with new rich folk? (disclaimer: last statement is sarcasm).

Lastly I think that the media played a huge role in this law of fashion.  All the major fashion publications followed the trend. It gave them something to write about and to create seasonal differences in what people should wear for clothing and fall fashion accessories, prompting new designs and generating more sales and revenue for the designers.  So like most things that get done in the world the prospect of more money added fuel to the fire.  Although there were some designer exceptions, like Coco Chanel, who was well-known for not respecting this rule, she would wear white all year-long. Gotta love the one who goes against the grain.


In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. -Coco Chanel

My take on this subject….. DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!!  This “rule” is outdated, kinda like daylight savings time (not gonna get into this trick to make everyone late for an entire day) and Saying “trick or treat” on Halloween (really, who wants a trick instead of a treat?).

I will wear white when I want whether it is my clothing, footwear, or jewelry all year-long!

How To Choose The Right Jewelry for Your Wedding

My husband and I own and design jewelry for The Karen Curtis Company in Manhattan.  I have been working with brides for over a decade and have been designing Swarovski Crystal Jewelry for over 15 years.  I thought it might be helpful  to share what I have learned over the years and having had my own wedding 2 years ago it is all very fresh in my mind from both perspectives. One thing I found out after my wedding is that you need to have jewelry that you are in love with not just satisfied with because it is going to be in every picture from your wedding, and you will be looking at that for your whole life. That being said there are 4 main things to look at when deciding on jewelry for your wedding. I have set this up beginning with the most important….. Spoiler alert:  Comfort comes last ladies we all know it hurts to be beautiful!
1) The Dress
The dress plays the biggest role, what shade is it, does it incorporate crystal trim, pearl trim etc. These little details that made you pick the dress in the first place are the same things that you want the design of you jewelry to highlight.  Is the neckline perfect for a specific size necklace? Will a bracelet help to continue a pattern around the waistline of a dress? Does your dress have gold embroidery if so then gold metal in your jewelry is fantastic….. if not then maybe silver-colored metal is more appropriate.
2) Budget
Lets face it most of us have a budget for a wedding, if you don’t then go big with diamonds, Tahitian pearls and other precious stones. Try to stick with the budget you have in mind and find jewelry designers that offer items in your range.  But remember that of all the thing you wear on the day of your wedding, the only thing you are likely to wear again is the jewelry, so take that into consideration when setting your budget.
3) Style
What is your style… most already know what that is.  If you like creative organic designs then go for it.  If you are in love with the art deco styles then that is what you were meant to wear on your big day.
4) Comfort
This kind of plays off of the style.  Being comfortable on the day of your wedding is very important.  You shouldn’t wear 4 inch heels if you are a flats kind of girl so approach your choice of jewelry the same way.  Get items that you enjoy wearing and the you are comfortable in.  If you like shoulder duster earrings then find the perfect long crystal earring for you.  If a big chunky necklace is something you always dreamed of wearing then go for it but make sure you can have fun in it.
 The number 1 rule is to enjoy your day and look beautiful doing it…. Dance, Socialize, and Love with all of the people you care about in one room!
Mazel Tov!