What Fashion to Expect in Spring 2014

The New Fashion Designs –> An Opportunity to Expand your Personal Style

New York always seems so energetic during fashion week.  Just walking a few blocks to grab something to eat can be quite an experience in fashion. The city is packed with fashion forward good-looking people stepping out of cabs like they’re in some Photoshop’d Dolce & Gabbana Ad…. And now that Paris has also finished up their fashion week, the dust has settled and this is when I start to get excited about how well my color forecasting matches up with the biggest names in fashion.

I actually pay the most attention to 3 elements of the newest fashion designs. Color, Texture, and Patterns.  Getting to see the different cuts and lines is great too, but if you know me at all then you know color will come before anything else!  As far as I can tell spring and summer are going to be really cool especially if you’re a big fan of #edgy metallics, not just your traditional silver or gold tones but hot iridescent colors like purple, pink, green and blue.


Karen Curtis Jewelry

Karen Curtis Necklace
Spring 2014

Another element that stood out on the runways in both NYC and Paris  was the use of ruffles.  I have to say that I am a big fan, it adds so much texture to a garment.  Ruffles take an otherwise conservative look and gives it a downtown edge. It will transition well from a day spent in meetings or at the office to a #fun (maybe I’ll get into a little trouble) evening out! Look for elegant dresses like the photo below or you can always pair a solid color ruffled top with your favorite designer jeans and heels.  The looks is sexy, playful and comfortable!

ruffles stand out at Paris Fashion week

ruffles stand out at Paris Fashion week


There are also a lot of designers using lace in their 2014 spring collections. Lace is such a #sexy texture, the pattern always looks so intricate and the “peekaboo” of skin is something that adds a flirtatious aspect.  Lauren Parker Accessories magazine said it best in regards to all the skin being shown through so many lace designs “The result was never vulgar, just pretty”.  Throughout the year I have been discussing this with other bloggers and industry professionals about how art deco elements are making their way back into the fashion scene. Maybe it was the Great Gatsby Movie that revived it, at very least that couldn’t have hurt.  Nevertheless I am a huge fan of this era and have always designed my crystal jewelry collections with this style in mind!  So pairing cool accessories with this style shouldn’t be too hard.

Karen Curtis example of lace in paris

Another notable trend to be conscious of for the spring is the Safari inspired designs… The style worn by the literal kings of the jungle is also going to be the same style worn by the kings of fashion.  Great for me, I just picked up a pair of awesome giraffe print jeans that I love.  Well maybe a giraffe isn’t actually the king of the jungle but you get the picture. Color is going to play a new and exciting role this year with animal prints, elegant and glamorous yet fun and wild!

Animal Print 2014

Below is a preview of my Gatsby Collection… Look how beautiful this necklace would be on the model in the middle… It’s just the perfect compliment to a gorgeous gown

karen curtis - v-necklace

Karen Curtis -Necklace

For what I saw from the fashion weeks, Gucci, Chloe, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana and Alberta Ferretti were some of my favorites.  You can also check out more of the 2014 collections here.  I was really excited to see how harmonious the Jewelry collections that I designed for spring are going to be.  Great colors, glistening metallics and an art deco trend all tie in so well to my style. Here is a sneak peek of a couple of pieces that will be available mid November!

karen curtis - v-necklace

Karen Curtis – New Necklace

karen curtis earrings

Karen Curtis Earrings – Gatsby Collection

karen curtis cuff bracelet

Karen Curtis Cuff Bracelet

Karen Curtis Jewelry

Karen Curtis Necklace