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I am a designer who lives in manhattan. I own and operate karencurtis.com as well as appearing at various fine art and craft shows through-out the tri-state area. My major design element is swarovski crystal (mix and matching colors, shapes, and sizes), but also have learned how to blow glass bringing something new to the design world! I think of myself as a colorful person and bring that into all of my designs!

WONDER WOMEN – “A Super-Patriotic Defender Of American Freedom”


So Everyone knows I Love Fashion.  Any of my customers who have met me especially at Grand Central know I love color, dresses and boots 🙂 … but what you may not know is I LOVE SUPERHEROES! #GeekAtHeart … When Wonder Women Hit the Theatre it was so exciting. The 1st Female Super Hero to make it to the Big Screen & we wanted to Honor Her with creating a Fashion Cuff right out of the comics.  So Check out our:
Traditional Wonder Women Statement Bracelet.

She represents so much!

A few key words …  #Power #Confidence #Strength #Success #Adventurous #Vigilante #Justice #Truth #Worrier

Want to know more about SUPER HEROS and the History …. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superhero

Everything you want to read about WONDER WOMEN… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wonder_Woman

And just 4 fun… GEEK vs. NERD

What Does Wonder Women Represent you ask? Check out this link – LOVE this…






If you’ve visited karencurtis.com lately you may have seen a few new features and of course a lot of new products. As we keep evolving with the website, our focus is to always update with new collections and styles so starting in June we began to design Selections of Jewelry that incorporate Birthstone Colors.

Prior to each month we will release the new Collection for that month which incorporates not only the birthstone but complimentary colors and faceted shapes that are truly unique.  Expect to see some beautiful new creations that serve as a perfect gift for a loved one!

Examples of  Predominant Colors for Each Month

Examples of Predominant Colors for Each Month

Also New to the Website is an easy to navigate breakdown to all the jewelry. You can now sort by Style or Collection. So say you know that you want a great pair of chandelier earrings, all you need to do is click “Jewelry” and then the NEW subcategory “Chandelier Earrings“.  Super easy to find exactly what you are looking for… quick and efficiently.  Now If you are looking to find a piece of jewelry that matches a certain color then using the “Collection” Category is probably best. Just simply find a collection that is the closest match and then sort through the selection.  Now you can decide whether you want to match with a necklace, bracelet, earrings or mix it up!

We hope you take advantage and enjoy the new features and work that is currently being released.

Here is a quick glance into the upcoming August Birthstone Collection – Available tomorrow only on www.karencurtis.com


You may have read in some of our prior posts about the discontinuation of the Crafts on Columbus Art Show due to community members and leaders on the Upper west side deeming it undesirable.

Well…. We are pleased to inform everyone that the community board re-evaluated their stance and decided to renew the contract with the art show! YEAH!!!! The decision was made to continue the show with 3 weekends in the spring but no event in the fall (originally it was 3 weekends each season). Nevertheless this is still a big accomplishment, a huge win for the art community and in our opinion a huge win for the Upper West Side.

We would like to say THANK YOU!


Thanks to everyone who read our blog and took action by signing the online petition. Many of you came to the show and helped to solidify our belief that this was as important to us as it was to you. It is amazing to watch how local politics works and in all honesty uplifting to have taken part in the protest that helped change the decision.


We are not sure if Leo signed the petition but he’s proud of you!

To all of our fans and especially to those who joined in petitioning the closing of the show you deserve a pat on the back, a cookie, a cheers-ing of glasses or whatever it is you prefer when being celebrated!


Although you will not be seeing us at anymore events until the winter, we have some great things in the works, creative new concept pieces and colorful jewelry designs that are going to make the wait worth it! Stay connected as we are also going to release beautiful work all summer long on http://www.karencurtis.com.

All our best,
Karen and Aaron

Memorial Day Fashion 2014

It’s about to be Memorial Day and that means the whistle is about to blow for “The great weekend exodus from the city”!  We hope everyone has some fun planned as the excitement builds for summer 2014. It’ll be the 4th of July before we know it. We put together a few patriotic themed picks for the upcoming holiday commemorating all the brave people who gave everything for the freedom we enjoy today. There are so many great ways to show your national pride in fashion and it seems that a lot of designers are creating work that boasts an American theme. Here are some cool items that if you love, you have enough time to order before the weekend!


Ralph Lauren American Flag Halter Top

american flag styles and other U.S.A. inspired fashions

Stars and Stripes Scarf from Nasty Gal


American Flag earrings Karen Curtis

memorial day styles and fashion

We all know Tom’s


Courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com


Ralph Lauren

american flag jewelry

American Flag Cuff Bracelet Karen Curtis


usa bracelet

Stackable bracelet Karen Curtis


Courtesy of atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com


patriotic bracelet for memorial day

Stackable Bracelet Karen Curtis

We hope this got you a little excited about how you can dress and accessorize this Memorial Day weekend.

On a more personal note we wanted to take some time to pay tribute to a relative of ours Joseph Yarrow, who we will be saluting this weekend. Joseph was my grandmother Helen Niemczyk’s (Yarrow) brother to whom she spoke so highly of. Joe joined the marines at age 19, as my grandmother explained, no one could find a job anywhere, but Joe always had a desire to help… whether that was a neighbor with yard work or a country with fighting tyranny. Joe was stationed in Camp Lejeune North Carolina, originally he was part of the WPA. The WPA was created in the new deal by FDR and actually employed millions of Americans including many noted artists who were employed to create beautiful artwork all around the country. People like Jackson Pollock, Orson Welles, and Burt Lancaster. Joe was sent to rebuild the forests in Colorado but in 1944 he was sent to Saipan with the 2nd marine division. Joe along with 3500 other U.S. soldiers were killed in the 1 month time frame at the battle of Saipan. Joe was only 23 when he died, my grandmother was just 21.

There are no real records of Joseph on the internet other than an obituary. This Memorial Day Karen and I thought what better way to commemorate Joe then to include a bit of information about this brave young man for google to index and the world to know about. Here are some really old pictures of Joe Yarrow and one of the “gang” I was able to pull together with help of Gram.

Joseph Yarrow Niemczyk memorial day tribute

Joe Yarrow

joseph yarrow 1940's war hero

Joseph Yarrow

joseph yarrow (niemczyk) 1940's photos

Joseph Yarrow

The Yarrow gang including joseph yarrow from massachusetts 1940's photograph

Joe Yarrow with the Gang 1940’s


2014 marks the Centennial Anniversary of the United States officially observing Mother’s Day…. So it’s kind of a big deal!

When you think back to all the times your mother put you first and went out of her way to make sure you were taken care of, you begin to realize how important it really is to shower your mom with love each year! If you have a minute we wanted to include this short video that is so funny & touching… It went pretty viral a few weeks back but if you have not seen it check it out here

When you had dreams your Mom had encouragement, when you fell down she picked you up, when you were sick she knew how to make you feel better (sometimes it was as easy as ice cream). When you talked she listened, when you wouldn’t eat the crust she would cut it off, when you were scared in the middle of the night she was more than happy to have a crowded bed.

Celebrate Mom:  Give a letter, give a poem, give a call, give flowers, chocolate,  jewelry, a day at the spa. Whatever it is you give to your Mom this year, know that the most important thing to a Mom is that you are happy.

And to all the Dads out there with children too small to pick out a gift for themselves, go big and show your appreciation for this wonderful woman who helped bring that priceless bundle of joy into your life.  She has given you a different type of wealth which you couldn’t have found on your own. An extravagant Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show how much she means to you and your son or daughter… Make your lady smile with something special :).

To help you out this Mother’s Day we put together a few Gift ideas … We also recommend if you are in NYC Mother’s Day Weekend and trying to figure out what to plan for a special day, we want to suggest taking her to the Crafts on Columbus Art Show… I grew up going to this show with my parents every Mother’s Day, and this Mother’s Day weekend is the final Crafts on Columbus Show after a wonderful 35 year run.  You can start the day by taking her to brunch… Ocean Grill is across the street from the show and is delish… Isabella’s is just down the street… 2 of my fav’s… Then walk the show … there are countless artists displaying their work, us included 🙂 . The exhibit features Jewelry, Paintings, Ceramics, Blown Glass, Photography, Sculpture etc…. A great place to find a gift for her, if you haven’t already found something in advance…. And then we suggest finishing off with dinner… Just our thoughts 🙂

Additionally we wanted to suggest : Our Picks for MOM 

If she loves flowers why not get her a beautiful hand blown glass vase
And some flowers to go in it…
carnations are the official flower of mother’s day… who knew? I love tulips and recommend her favorite flower.

hand_blown_vase_graffiti_Karen_Curtis_1If she’s a wine enthusiast, how about her favorite bottle of wine and a Hand Blown Glass Wine Stopper or a Wine Stopper Set to go with it   … 

winestopper-in-bottleLastly, You can’t go wrong with Jewelry
Especially all you fathers buying something special for your wife this Mother’s Day. We will have many styles and collections at the art show and as always the website will be up to date with our newest collections!

chunky_necklace_roaring_20s_kc5372_whtAnd Lastly…. To Our Mom’s – We want to thank you for your Generosity … Your Love … Your Support and for Always being there for us. 

Thank you mom(s) for being so wonderful!

We Love You!

– Karen & Aaron

2014 Crafts on Columbus – End of an Era


Webster’s Dictionary defines culture as “the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time”.  New York City has its own culture while also being arguably the most culturally diverse city in the world.


When I think of New York’s culture I think of a group of people who work hard at what they do for a living, push the limits of their respected industries whatever that is, fashion, architecture, finance, technology etc. New York is a place where people know how to have fun and relish in the freedom of the weekend… packed restaurants, theaters, bars and clubs. If you didn’t know…. New Yorkers love to dance, New Yorkers wear black, New Yorkers don’t stare upwards at buildings while they are walking the streets, We’re fast paced and embrace the concept of a new york minute, therefore New Yorkers have less patience, unless you’re a doctor but that is a different type of patients.  All of these characteristics help to  define the culture. The museums, the mom and pop stores, the shows and performances including the wonderful art shows that you find yourself stumbling upon on lazy meandering days. This is why it so saddening to let everyone know that the next 3 weekends will be the last Crafts on Columbus art show after an outstanding 35 year run.

crafts on columbus

Briefly, the history of the Crafts on Columbus Art Show starts with a well-recognized NYC painter named Simon Gaon. Simon started this show in 1979 and found other artists who joined in showcasing their artwork in a wonderful community. All the proceeds benefited community programs and went directly back to helping the UWS. Well, we all know that when money is changing hands the city is going to want a part of it, so the show was later taken over by the parks and rec department to which they would find ways to spend the revenue generated. The show has hosted so many great designers and artists for 35 years, and created a platform from which emerging talents can grow and find their niche. Over the years there have also been countless memories, from wacky weather (springtime showers), to celebrity sightings, and even a temporary shut down one morning as the Pope  was scheduled to be traveling through the area.

Why is the show over? Is automatically the next question. Based on a report by DNAinfo.com (this is the link to article) it is the community board that doesn’t appreciate the show anymore or the foot traffic on the weekends and would prefer a farmers market every weekend instead….. Local Politics. This is just a synopsis of Emily Frost’s article. What I found most unappreciative was the quote from Robin Epstein, a resident who said “Now it’s(the art show) a mixed bag with a lot of junk, frankly”. I loved this quote because in another quote she is so enthusiastic for the flea market instead, which we all know from experience are completely junk free (sarcasm).

Flea market

Flea market

Here is a list of just 4 great artists we all know Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Emily Dickenson, and Edgar Allan Poe. The common thread between them is that the general population didn’t find value in their work while they were creating it, deeming it as “junk”. I find this relevant to the communities actions and opinions, seeing as though art is such a subjective matter. Emily Dickenson only had 9 poems published in her lifetime, all of which had to be modified from the original per the publishers request. Her complete works had later been released by family members after her death. Van Gogh was thought of as too dark and during his lifetime he only sold 1 painting of 900, titled Red Vineyard at Arles. Monet never gained much recognition during his time either, many people disliked his paintings because it went against the traditional style and method of painting. And finally Edgar Allen Poe, who actually did find a way to get his work published, but not that he gained the recognition he deserved for it among his peers in his time. The poem “the raven” was sold by Poe for a mere $9.00. The list goes on, but the lesson to be learned is you never know, you may very well be walking right past one of our societies most important artists, the foundational work of a whole new direction in art and culture. 

Van Gogh images Unknown-3 Unknown-4

What Crafts on Columbus has given our company over the years is invaluable. A great location to meet customers, admirers and just appreciative people. We have been fortunate to have met so many fans of our work, and grow interest and exposure to our business. Before Facebook, twitter and the rest of the social media sites this is how we were able to connect with our customers… In person (imagine that). So to that we would like to extend a HUGE THANKS to Yed and Myron. Two people who coordinate this every year. They have been inspirational, positive and unimaginably helpful to each and every exhibitor. Without their hard work and dedication to bring this show to life every year and making it a staple in the cultural beauty of New York City we would not be where we are today. Thank You!

Crafts on Columbus epitomizes the uniqueness of NYC and this culturally rich city just lost a bit of wind, as small as that might be in the grand scheme, it is still a loss. Unfortunately, the last word about Crafts on Columbus is best expressed by the raven from Edgar Allen Poe’s poem…. “Nevermore”.

We hope you can join in the farewell weekends of this show. The dates are:

April 26/27 • May 3/4 • May 10/11

10am until 6pm everyday rain or shine

Columbus avenue from 77th to 81st street

 If you would like to learn more about our company, our artwork, and events, we encourage you to subscribe to our email list here.

Spread the Love!

Please share on Facebook and Tweet away!

-Karen and Aaron


Inspiration from the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Show in NYC

The AD Home Show 2014


Every year Architectural Digest hosts the home show at Pier 94 in Manhattan. It’s one of the most inspirational design events that I attend, and yesterday didn’t disappoint me at all! This is where you find the newest products by some of the best designers in the world. Though I am gonna take a minute to boast that NYC local designers have a heavy presence in the world of design and I am proud to be friends with many of these talents. Nice Job NYC Designers!!!

Basically I thought I might blog a bunch of cool pictures that I took at the show. I think I should let everyone know that the show has 2 sections to it. The first being larger companies who produce everything from unique tiles for floors and walls to refrigerators, furniture, fire places…. you get the idea. These are all the new lines that are soon to be in a store near you.

The second section is called “made” and it consists of unique artisan’s that produce decor, lighting, wall paper and other items which probably will not be in a store near you. But if you read our blog you would probably love to have some of these creations in your own home.  That is why I will try to make sure to list some of the names of the companies at the end of this post so that you might check out their sites and beautify your spaces, but you can always go to the Architectural digest site to find a list of exhibitors.

The photos are primarily from an exhibit area where interior designers use samples of products from different exhibitors to create luxurious rooms.

That's me if front of this chandelier bursting with Cherry Blossoms!

That’s me in front of this chandelier bursting with Cherry Blossoms!

My Hubby and our friend Moshe Bursuker in his lighting exhibit.

My Hubby and our friend Moshe Bursuker in his lighting exhibit.


Cherry Blossom Chandelier Room at AD Home Show 2014

Cherry Blossom Chandelier Room at AD Home Show 2014

Who needs wall paper if you collect postcards?

Who needs wall paper if you collect postcards?

Close up of post card wall! Love it!

Close up of post card wall! Love it!

The retro look was so eye catching!

The retro look was so eye-catching!

Another Beautiful room design

Another Beautiful room design

close up of patterns and textures in the room

The layering of different patterns and textures really made this room so inviting.

Pretty and Elegant

Pretty and Elegant

I loves the backs of the chairs in this room and the color scheme was so soft and pretty. The portraits on the walls were super bazaar half man half woman images.

Awesome table with moss growing down the center of it.

Awesome table with moss growing down the center of it.

I would love to have this as a picnic table. One of the coolest things is the way it is sunken into the ground.

This was such an imaginative design!

This was such an imaginative design!

Cool video images projected onto the walls and having all the different colored chairs was so playful.

Cool video images projected onto the walls and having all the different colored chairs was so playful.

This was one of my favorites, so space aged!

This was one of my favorites, so space aged!

One of the grandest displays in the entire show!

One of the grandest displays in the entire show!

Hope that you enjoyed the behind the scenes look of the 2014 Architectural Digest Home show. I am gonna list and link to some things that I thought were very cool and if you get a chance check them out. Everyone loves unique things and many of the people making this work are emerging talents or lifelong artists from the U.S.  As someone who understands the etiquette of artist exhibitions I did not take photos of people’s work in their booths but rather talked to the artists and took their contact info so that I could share with you the websites of the things I liked!

Big Chill refrigerators www.bigchill.com

Creative Touch Rugs www.creativetouchrugs.com

William Couig www.furthurdesign.com

Custom Furniture Studio www.johnson3llc.com

Beautiful Wallpaper www.hyggeandwest.com

The Chair Market www.thechairmarket.com

French Accents www.farugs.com



Top 5 Best Fashion Statements from the 2014 Oscars

Got Style?

The celebrities that showed up last night to the Oscars sure do, from nude colored gowns with embroidered crystal to 1970’s plunge necklines and yes even the gents added some flare to the night with Matthew Mcconaughey in a sharp white tuxedo or Channing Tatum’s maroon jacket…. and I am finally coming around with Pharrell’s hat, I’m probably not going to buy one for my husband but Pharrell can really rock it!

Here are my top 5 looks from the red carpet


Cate Blanchett wearing Giorgio Armani 2014 Oscars Red Carpet Fashion


Jenna Dewan Tatum in Reem Acra 2014 Oscar Fashion


Kelly Osbourne in Badgley Mischka at the Academy Awards 2014


Lady Gaga in Versace at the 2014 Oscars


Laura Derm looking beautiful at the Oscars Red Carpet 2014

Maybe it was the time periods of the most popular movies but I also felt that jewelry had a very deco look, which I am a huge fan of.  Big sparkly chandelier earrings seemed to be waving around in every girls ears, while bracelets or multiple bracelets also graced many of the attendees.  Necklaces were a bit scarce but the people who did wear a necklace went BIG and Sparkly!

I enjoy watching these award shows and always observe from a fashion and design stand point.  To which I also really loved the set design by Derek Mclane and Swarovski. This year’s Academy Awards, in my opinion takes the cake on style, fashion, glitz and glamour! There really is no need to stroke any egos of the winners of the awards because everyone in that room creates such beautiful work. I would say that Lupita Nyong’o’s win and speech was the most touching point of the evening proving that hard work, committment and passion will lead to the successes you desire!


What Is So Special About Swarovski Crystal


Who is Swarovski Crystal Company?

Swarovski crystal is a brand name and is regarded as the finest quality manufacturer of cut crystal.  The company which is located in Austria began developing machine cut crystal in 1895 under the name A. Kosmann, Daniel Swartz & Co. later changed to K.S. & Co.  Armand Kosmann was the financial backer to the new company while Daniel Swartz was the man who  figured out how to cut and manufacture  a superior product while simultaneously rocking one of the greatest hipster mustaches before hipster was even a thing : ).

Swarovski Daniel 1895

Daniel Swarovski 1895

As people began to recognize the quality and inventiveness their designs the company grew, building generations of collectors as well as providing a resource for the finest independent designers in the world.  We don’t know why, but Daniel later changed his last name to  Swarovski and that would be what the company goes by to this day.

 You will find Swarovski crystal being used in everything from purses, hats, shoes, wedding gowns, jewelry and chandeliers additionally the company produces figurines, ornaments and home decor.  Many of the worlds leading designers in all mediums use the Swarovski company’s products including Christian Louboutin, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Michael Kors…. I mean the list goes on and on and the price of their work hikes every time you find Swarovski in their products.  Take for instance Stuart Weitzman’s 50/50 boots that regularly sell for around $600. The newest 50/50 boot celebrating their 20th anniversary on gilt was encrusted with Swarovski Crystal and commanded a $10,000 price tag because of it.

swarovski boots, stuart weitzman, 50/50,

$10,000 50/50 boots

Oh I forgot to mention one of the coolest things made with Swarovski Crystal is the Star on top of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center!!!!


So now that we know a brief little history on the company lets dip into the actual product they produce and why it has such an allure.  Different from natural earth crystals mined from regions around the globe, man-made crystal is essentially a form of glass.  Crystal in this case refers to a glass that is produced with a concentration of lead in the chemical formula.  Lead assists in creating a glass which is clearer and more sparkly.  Referred to as the refractive index, it is a way of measuring the degree to which a substance separates light into its full color spectrum or the prism effect which is about 13% greater than normal glass.  The lead in the glass also creates slightly more weight to the crystal and believe it or not actually maintains a colder temperature to the pieces (by holding glass in 1 hand and crystal in the other there is a noticeable difference).  Quick disclaimer that lead within a crystal will not harm you by wearing it, now if you decide to chew and eat them this is a totally different story in which I think the least of your worries being the lead in the crystal.

Through out the existence of the Swarovski Company they continuously develop new colors, shapes and facet techniques introducing new lines of their elements for designers to use.  The new direction of the company is to produce only Non-leaded crystal as they strive to create glass formulas that have a similar look and clarity.  These pieces are often less symmetrical and just a bit funkier then the vintage crystal.  But as someone who works primarily with the vintage crystal there is definitely a difference on how clean and crisp the edges are on the older material.  I guess that’s what we like about them and why we spend so much time trying to acquire unused quantities of the vintage crystal.  Now here are some examples of the Newest jewelry collection for spring 2014, I personally LOVE this color combination and you will find me wearing this winter,spring,summer and fall!

jewelry collection by Karen Curtis NYC

Swarovski crystal bracelet by Karen Curtis NYC

Crystal earrings by Karen Curtis NYC

triple drop earrings all swarovski crystal Karen Curtis

We hope you’ve enjoyed a brief history on the Swarovski Company as well as a look into what Swarovski has provided designers like ourselves to accomplish in our fields.



“I didn’t want jewelry for Valentine’s Day” – Said NO Woman EVER!_MG_4335__09613.1389734157.1280.1280

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that jewelry has always been the “go to” gift for Valentine’s Day.  And why not… what woman doesn’t want to receive something beautiful on the day of love.  For the rest of her life every time she looks at, or puts on that particular piece of jewelry she will instantly remember when it was given to her and by whom.  That being said it is also the choice in jewelry that reflects what you think about her.  A colorful, sparkling, and unique piece of jewelry like those found in Karen Curtis’ Collections reflects a personality of fun, beauty, and energy.  Characteristics that are found in the most wonderful people in our lives.

Any collection on KarenCurtis.com will make a terrific Valentines Day gift, but for a more literal present we recommend browsing both the Amore and Roaring 20’s collections.  They both incorporate different shades of red and pink crystal which will are synonymous with Valentine’s Day!  The sparkle of Swarovski crystals and the amazing colorful designs are what Karen Curtis® Jewelry is all about.

While Flowers and Candy rank up there in terms of the most gifted items of Valentines Day, Jewelry is on the top three list for sure.  One thing I can definitely say in comparison of the 3 is that jewelry doesn’t die or get used up after a week and we don’t mark up the price like florists do to the tone of 200% increase before the holiday.  The mark up on flowers seems to be 1 of the most acceptable forms of screwing over the consumer, really when you think about it February 15th must be a florists favorite day of the year.

What we have done in this post is compile a list of some of our favorite designs, at all different price points to take some of the stress out of finding a gift for Valentine’s day!

 Wishing everyone a happy and loving Valentine’s Day with memories that last a lifetime!

Enjoy the Preview!